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Making "Balloon Dreams" Come True

Circular Backdrop
Birthday Column
Garland Masterpiece
Paw Patrol
Balloon Wall
Birthday Bouquet
HBD Bouquet
IMG_3516 (2)

..because, What's a Party Without Balloons?


Since 2018, we've been delivering Smiles throughout Madison,Wi and beyond!

EleBalloons is your  Luxury Balloon Stylist. 

What are your options?

We offer three ways to make your balloon dreams come true!

Pick up Go

You come to us!

Center pieces , grab & go garlands small air/helium bouquets, even classic colums, whatever fits in your vehicle!

Custom Installations

We Come To You!

Full Balloon Masterpieces, Custom themed garlands, backdrops, Mosaics, balloon sculptures Classic decor.
(Delivered and Installed by us)

Helium Bunches

Delivery or pick up!

Gender Reveal Balloons, Single Jumbo balloons, Big and small helim bouquets.

 Foil Letters and Numbers.

4D971953-EB75-4B81-B2C6-75446C5CE898 (1).jpg

Clients be like...

Alexa Young, Wi

You've exceeded my expectations , Thank you so much, I'll Be back!



I am your favorite "Balloon Lady" and the owner of EleBalloons.
Actually becoming a Balloon Stylist was never in my plans. It kind of just fell on my lap, and I'm so happy it did because now I get to make people smile for a living!
I'm a mother of two amazing kids and grandmother of the prettiest cat ever !
Love keeping it simple (except when it comes to balloons!) and always admiring the beauty in this world. 

Oh! and all balloons are blown up with lots of love !


My name is Mayte Garcia

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