Valentines Day is approaching and its time to send some love to the ones that need it the most!

As we all know .. 2020 came to mess a lot of things up. It's affected our lives in so many ways, specially the lives of our senior citizens.

 Leaving them wondering where their families are and why aren’t they visiting them.  As a part time nursing assistant,  it has broken my heart plenty of times  having to see  families visit their loved ones through either a zoom screen and even the window glass.


I am glad to be in the business of making people smile and I am proud to be part of the  wonderful “Adopt A Grandparent” campaign that many balloon artists are participating in their own cities and states.


Lets bring some joy into these residents’ lives and remind them that they are NOT forgotten.


How will this happen?

All you have to do my friend,  is consider purchasing a “Concha Bouquet”


Why “Concha Bouquet” you may ask?

Well,  Concha is that cute little lady you see right there








My Great Gramma Concepcion ( we called her “Gramma Concha” for short ) that we miss DEARLY and I want to honor her by dedicating this beautiful movement in her name.


After you make your purchase, we at EleBalloons will make sure that your bouquet is delivered to one of our residents at a local Assisted Living Facility.

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Buy One, Buy Two.. Buy As Many As Your Generous Heart Desires