My Journey 

I've always wanted to start a business, but I wasn't sure what I truly wanted to do or where to start. Ballooning wasn’t really in my plans until a close friend and I planned a baby shower for her brother and afterwards we discussed starting an events planning company.  She do the event planning part and I'd be in charge of  the balloon decorations. After the baby shower event I posted pics of my balloon work on Instagram and I began to receive inbox messages from people inquiring about how much I would charge to do balloons for their event, that’s when I began to think that I found my calling as a balloonist. Now here I am, bringing your vision to life , one balloon creation at a time -EleBalloons 

Commitment, Service and Excellence

I'm Mayte, and I would love to help make your next planned event extra special with the gift and fun that balloon decorations can bring.




Baby Showers